Yes, we perfectly understand the rules for distilling London Dry Gin. But we give them a twist.

‘Strange Donkey’ is an unconventional but beautiful blend of citrus from all continents and the local botanicals from our own backyard, here in the outskirts of Antwerp. A refined gin that bursts with taste and tingles all your senses, even the sixth.


Born stubborn

Born stubborn


The legend of Strange Donkey

To create our precious gin we skilfully unite 23 ingredients, 17 of which are grown in the fruitful pasture of Vremde, a drowsy town near Antwerp (by all odds the greatest city of Belgium). A long, long time ago the villagers decided to build a church. For some reason, they left it up to a donkey to ‘choose’ a suitable site. Wherever it would stop to rest, they would build. As these head-strong animals often do, the donkey resolutely followed its own path and wandered off to a rather strange location. In local dialect “Vremde” means “strange”. With this characteristic yet delicate gin we pay tribute to Vremde, where all our ideas take root.


Explore the nightlife spirit!

Our inspiration awakens when everyone else is sound asleep. It is true: we prefer the lab over our bed. Speaking about passion…


In citrus we trust

In citrus we trust



But that’s just the start. You know those summer festival posters stacked with names of various artists “and many more”? Well, our ingredients list is quite similar. Strange Donkey is endowed with a delicate mix of:

Juniper berry to spice things up. Coriander for some extra pep. Lemon verbena, which is known for reducing stress. Garden angelica adds flavour and holds medicinal power (beats any cold!). Prick-madam brings a touch of sour to the party. Olive herb for that summery Mediterranean aroma. Walnut, putting the ‘nut’ in nutrient. Apple elderflower, picked for its honey scented aroma and Seven Succulent Secret Sensations, straight from the donkey’s garden…


Present it like a present

Are you sure you want to share this little gem? Why don’t you keep it all to yourself?  Or are your friends really that special…? Well, in that case: Serve with Goldberg Tonic, a slice of citrus, a slice of grapefruit and – if you like doing things properly – add some pink pepper berries. Or serve with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic (the one with the blue label), 1 cardamom pod, 1 slice of pink grapefruit and 3 pink pepper berries.


Did you know?

Did you know?



Last winter, instead of cuddling up in its comfy stable, The Donkey launched a new, exceptional, Japanese influenced heart-warming blend.
Based on the 2015 silver medal awarded Strange Donkey this limited edition Winter Gin even got more pretentious and came back with 2017 golden medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London.




More addresses to be announced on our Facebook page. Or apply in writing to info@strangedonkeygin.com for all the latest news

where to taste?

Estaminet Brugge
Passage Brugge
Charbon Ruiselede
Revue Gent
Simple Utrecht

Villa Red Izegem
Burg9 Brugge
CJules Zottegem
Naturell Gent
Pasta Antwerpen

Tafel 10 Ruiselede
Boury Roeselare
Nova Sint-Niklaas
De Schone van Boskoop Boechout


Where to order?

If you prefer on line shopping and worldwide shipping you can order here 

Check www.belgunique.be for our bottles and gadgets like the donkey glasses

B&B Vennehoeve Vremde
Fred Finest Market Edegem
MASshop Antwerpen
Fly Shop Antwerp Airport
Cellier Saint-Paul Liege

Vets dranken Borsbeek
Goetze  Lier
Delhaize Plantin, Antwerpen
Flanders Shop Brussel
Tabakshuis Diest

Brandtfood Hove
Bacchus   Kalken
De Caigny Kalmthout
Quali-Drinks Mechelen
Ad Fundum Sint Truiden

Appell. Contrôlée Ekeren
Bakkerij St Rita Kontich
Drankenwereld on-line
Chacalli Antwerpen
Tinteau Boechout



Born stubborn we donkeys keep focusing on distilling limited batches (and even private label gins)
We prefer quality and perfection of our inventive products over nightly administration
we got professionals to serve you... 
       Distribution for Belgium www.havanadistribution.be

   Currently we are looking for distribution partners in other countries